The Village Schools is a Christian educational environment. Students are taught the foundation of Christianity, its origin, and Bible basics. Our goal for Village students is to be able to navigate Earth with a Biblical worldview.

Camp Village

The Village Schools extends the learning day and opens up our school’s well-balanced learning experiences through Camp Village. This extended program is open to all K-12 students in the community including public school and homeschool students through varied programs. Camp Village provides an intellectually, emotionally, and physically safe space for students with trusted and caring staff. Our comprehensive program includes problem-based learning in math and science, coding, robotics, literacy instruction, physical activity, visual arts, and social development.

Our Hybrid Homeschool Program is available for students in Grades K-3. Families may choose a schedule that fits their needs for students to engage in creative and challenging classes.
Tuition for Hybrid Homeschool
Full-day classes:$50/day.
Half-day classes: $25/day.
Single class: $15/class.
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A Remote Learning Lab is accessible to students in Grades 6-12 who are enrolled in a virtual learning program. Camp Village provides a learning coach to help keep students on task. If a student schedule permits, they may also engage in recess, physical education, Spanish, and Art! The Remote Learning Lab provides a safe space for students to learn and to engage with other learners.
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Students should bring their own lunch for school each day.

We encourage parents to pack healthy lunches and snacks for their children.

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